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Mother’s Day Flowers Delivery

Mother’s Day has a long tradition in the UK and is also referred to as Mothering Sunday. Give your Mum a special and memorable present of a spring flowers bouquet or select a flower that is somehow special to your Mother – perhaps something that was in her own wedding bouquet!

Don’t forget the other mother figures in you family – remember grandmothers and mothers-in-law as well as special aunts and godmothers!

Mother’s Day date

The actual day and month for Mother’s Day varies in the UK every year although it does tend to be in March more often than in April. There are also date differences in different countries – beware of this for international families.

Mother’s Day is also different from International Women’s Day, which is set on the 8th March every year. International Women’s Day is regarded as a more generic celebration of women’s success and contribution in society.

Mother’s Day Flower Delivery

Mother’s Day always falls on a Sunday in the UK. Inevitably, Marshall’s Florists are open on this day to make deliveries. We realise that not all people are able to plan in advance and so we make arrangements to accommodate last minute orders.

Same day delivery is an option but it is recommended to book about a week in advance to make sure your order is delivered at a specified time during these busy periods.