How to make cut flowers last longer?

When you get your flowers from Marshall’s Florist they will be conditioned and fed and in perfect condition for you to enjoy them for as long as possible.

Over the years we have tried and experimented with a number of flower foods and have found that the most effective option for you is offered by Chrysal in the form of their flower care sachets. We usually attach this flower food to your flower bouquet – please check your wrapping paper before disposing of it.

Here are the instructions on how to make your cut flowers last longer by Chrysal:

How to make cut flowers last longer by Chrysal:

  • Always use a clean vase – wash your old vase with washing up detergent to remove any past flower bacteria etc.
  • Cold tap water should be used – don’t use hot water
  • If there are leaves below the water level make sure these are removed
  • Make sure that the flower stems are intact and not damaged
  • Trim your flowers by about 2 – 3 cm (circa 1 inch) at the stem using a sharp tool
  • When trimming, always cut at an angle to maintain water penetration
  • Don’t break, cook, hammer, split or puncture the stem

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